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"JF-17 turned out to be with many defects": Indian press on Chinese fighter in Pakistani service

«JF-17 turned out to be with many defects»: Indian press on Chinese fighter in Pakistani service
Of the entire fleet of JF-17 fighters, in service with the Pakistani army, 40 percent of aircraft are in a non-flying state and are forced to stand idle on the ground.

This is reported by Indian media, pointing out the design flaws of the machine, developed in China under the designation FC-1. It is presented by Beijing as one of the country's "technological breakthroughs".

There are problems with the fuselage, cracks in the lower fairing skin are fixed. This is the area, which is most exposed to overload and static pressure – press notes, pointing, that at the same time this machine is the most modern fighter in Pakistan, who must fight at the forefront with the latest examples of Indian military equipment, including the recently acquired Rafali from France. indicated, that at the same time the FC-1 is one of the main aircraft in China along with the J-20.

Currently, approximately 40% JF-17, stationed at two Pakistani air bases, chained to the ground for various technical reasons. However, there is no quick way to solve the problem., because it is associated with defects, allowed in the aircraft design.

The electrical system of the flashlight is faulty, making it difficult or nearly impossible to eject a pilot in an emergency. The same applies to the two-seat modification of the JF-17B. Cracks were found not only in the lower fairing skin, but also in "strays" [tail stabilizers], what, apparently, was also caused by stresses during flight.

There are cases of breakage of anchors in the locations of the radar and related equipment, since this equipment turned out to be too heavy for this part of the fighter.

This is further evidence of the aircraft's structural weakness. – the Indian press thinks, describing the many defects of Pakistan's advanced combat aircraft.

According to IISS-2020, all in service with Islamabad is 49 JF-17 units, distributed across five squadrons.

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