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"Russian destroyer next to our military base for a week already": British press about the campaign of the submarine "Severomorsk"

«Russian destroyer near our military base for a week»: British press about the BPL campaign «Severomorsk»
Russian warship has been off the British coast for a long time, however, it does not violate international law, which gives him the opportunity to be freely in the waters near the Kingdom.

With such a message was published by the UK Defense Journal., illuminating the campaign of a large anti-submarine ship assigned to the Northern Fleet (BOD):

Russian guided missile destroyer Severomorsk is in international waters near Lossiemouth RAF military base (Scotland) already a week.

P-8A Poseidon naval patrol aircraft are stationed here. (4 u) and Typhoon fighters, serving northern UK.

At the same time, the publication is in a hurry to reassure its audience.:

Readers need to understand, that the ship is in international waters and is not doing anything illegal or inappropriate.
indicated, that in Scottish waters, in addition to two frigates of the Royal Navy, there are submarines, "Whose actions are not commented on".

Do not doubt, that the Russian ship is being watched around the clock, seven days a week – a military source told the publication.

As noted by the UK Defense Journal, Most naval forces (including the Royal Navy) send their ships on similar missions [to foreign shores]».

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