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"Required too much investment": Peruvian army sold out Mi-26 helicopters

«Required too much investment»: Peruvian army sold out Mi-26 helicopters
Peruvian Armed Forces sold out the entire fleet of Mi-26T helicopters, actually transferring them to the buyer "by weight", not as complex technical products.

The Cyprus company AGSL Aero Systems has acquired at an open auction three heavy transport rotorcraft Mi-26T, which the Peruvian Army Aviation decommissioned in August of this year. The purchase price was slightly more than 300 000 dollars for the whole lot. The new owner intends to dismantle all equipment, which can still be used, and sell the rest as scrap metal. Among other things, machine engines are subject to assessment..

The technique was manufactured in 1992 a year and earlier flew in the interests of the Russian Aeroflot. Peru acquired the Mi-26T through Mobetek for approximately 9,7 million dollars. Helicopters with 1995 years were part of the 811th Air Assault and Transport Battalion of the Peruvian Army. They had registration numbers EP-705, EP-706, EP-707 and have not been operated for 12, 17 and 21 , respectively. The tender for their sale was opened 12 August 2020 of the year.

Their units are certified and can be used as spare parts for overhaul of this type of helicopter.. – explained in the Armed Forces of Peru, Noting, that the reason for the sale of cars is the too high price of their maintenance:

Repair of three helicopters will require large investments, given their technical condition and inaction.
As stated, among the units, the D-136 engines did not need to be repaired, starting auxiliary engines TA-8V and gearboxes. Two helicopters have hydraulic components, electrical and navigation systems, unusable, as they have undergone wear and tear due to storage in the open air (in Lima Callao, not far from the sea).

Sample Mi-26T EP-707 had the least plaque (Total 142 o'clock), but in October 2003 of the year he made an emergency landing and has been in storage ever since.

«Required too much investment»: Peruvian army sold out Mi-26 helicopters


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