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World leaders began to congratulate Trump on his victory

World leaders began to congratulate Trump on his victory
The situation around the presidential elections in the United States is tense to the limit. Currently, the struggle has unfolded literally for several states., who will decide the fate of the election campaign.

World leaders, undoubtedly, closely monitor the situation, peering at voting statistics. The first of them decided to prove himself the Prime Minister of Slovenia Janez Jansa. Despite, that both American candidates are balancing at the end, he, apparently, decided to go all-in and rushed to congratulate the incumbent head of the White House, Donald Trump, on his re-election for a second term.

Absolutely obvious, that the American people elected Donald Trump for another four years. The more delays and denials, the sweeter the final triumph will be. Congratulations – tweeted the head of the Slovenian Cabinet of Ministers, also mentioning in his publication Vice President Michael Pence.

Interesting, will the current owner of the White House notice such a risky act of the leader of a state that is little known to him in world politics? Already a well-known case in Montenegro, when, despite all the "hospitality" shown to Trump, he rudely pushed the local prime minister away, caught in his way.

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