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Financiers: Joe Biden's World Markets "Feel Victory"

Financiers: World markets «anticipate victory» Joe Biden
Analysts of world markets cautiously predict the victory of Joseph Biden in the elections. In favor of just this alignment - the dynamics of quotations of the main stock exchange indices. As noted by financiers, world markets "anticipate victory" of the Democratic Party candidate, which is "confirmed" by the growth of quotations.

So, for two days in a row, the main stock indices are growing not only in the USA, but also in Europe. Indicates moderate growth in the performance of such large financial groups as Barclays, Standard Chartered и NatWest, who became the leaders of the London stock exchange FTSE index 100. Average height - 1,7%. Stock index of German Frankfurt shows growth 1,8%, Parisian CAC 40 – 1,9%. Growth of quotes S&P 500 expected today at 1,6% "At the opening", Nasdaq – до 1 percent.

Hong Li, Head of Quantitative Strategy for US Equities at Citigroup:

This indicates, that the stock market considers Biden's chances of winning the election preferable.
Financial Strategy Specialist, Mizuho Bank (Hong Kong) Ken Chung:

Market participants are increasingly convinced of Joe Biden's victory. Additional confirmation of this, that now Biden's electoral gap is greater, than the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016. And now Trump will find it difficult to count on an unexpected victory.
At the same time, at Trump's headquarters, no one said at all, that the victory of 4 years ago was unexpected for them. Trump's team were professionals, who have built a strategy for the election race in such a way, that its outcome was discouraging for the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton.

Another "sign" of Biden's final victory in the US elections, international experts believe… CNY. In the past few days, the PRC currency has grown against the dollar, what, according to financiers and market analysts, says, that China "expects Biden to win". If so, then the logic is not clear: Does it mean that, what if China is "expecting" Biden's victory, then Biden will certainly win?..

Meanwhile, the Henderson Foundation said, what if the US gets “a result contested by one of the candidates, then there will be uncertainty, which can bring down the markets ".

Recall, what in 2016 year the majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton, but by the number of electoral votes, the victory went to Donald Trump.

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