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How the Russian aircraft "Elephant" will look like: the italian press about PAK VTA

How the Russian plane will look like «Elephant»: the italian press about PAK VTA

The Russian Defense Ministry has determined the tactical and technical requirements for the future aviation system of the PAK VTA (promising aviation complex of military transport aviation) "Elephant" for military transport purposes. But what will this product look like??

Two concepts

The Italian edition of Analisi Difesa tried to figure it out.. In his words, PJSC "Ilyushin" is responsible for the implementation of a promising project. According to the information that appeared, preliminary design of the PAK BTA should be ready by the end of this year: with that expectation, to start R&D already in 2021 year.

Ilyushin has already spent about 250 million rubles. to determine the parameters of a new product and create a draft design. However, when implementing the technical task, issued by the military, it is necessary to take into account the previous R&D, made by the design bureau of transport aviation; take into account the results of development work, associated with the creation of the M-60 transport aircraft and the Il-78M-90A tanker, as well as development, received during the modernization of the An-124-100M.

With the publication of words, of particular interest is the M-60 - the concept of a family of passenger and cargo aircraft, developed in the late 1980s by the Myasishchev Design Bureau. Shown as layouts at MAKS-2017, as well as at the aerospace exhibition at Le Bourget in the same year, The M-60 has an oval-shaped octahedral fuselage with a flat, high elongation; V-shaped tail and engines, located behind.

Modification, known as the M-60VT has a more traditional design, with double vertical tail and power block under the wings (four NK-93 engines with thrust 18000 kgf or PS-90 16000 kg each).

How the Russian plane will look like «Elephant»: the italian press about PAK VTA
M-60 2017 of the year

Italian "roots"

These projects, looks like, were inspired by research, carried out in the 1940s by the Italian engineer Roberto Bartini, who was naturalized in the USSR. He worked on a transport plane, known as T-117, which was equipped with the same fuselage - believes Analisi Difesa.

Almost a similar study was conducted in the early 1990s by Airbus for an aircraft of about 600 seats under the UHCA designation (Ultra high capacity aircraft). This project provided for a horizontal octagonal fuselage structure, what allowed to establish 5-6 rows of seats.

In general, work on the Elephant aircraft can be carried out in this direction., the edition believes. At the same time, a number of experts believe, that this trip is risky. This is indicated by the experience of TsAGI, which focuses on the traditional layout.

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