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German Defense Minister: We will send a battleship to the Indian Ocean to contain China

German Defense Minister: We will send a battleship to the Indian Ocean to contain China
German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, which until recently was predicted to be Chancellor - to the soon vacant seat of Angela Merkel, made a statement regarding the military presence of Germany in remote regions.

According to Kramp-Karrenbauer, German military presence in the Indo-Pacific (Asia-Pacific) the region "must ensure stability and security". This statement was made by the head of the German military department against the background of reports about the impending dispatch of one of the warships of the German Navy to patrol the Indian Ocean..

Australian journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald asked Annegret Crump-Karrenbauer, what goals Germany pursues, equipping your warship for dispatch thousands of nautical miles from German borders?

The German Defense Minister, in fact, word for word repeated the theses, which are usually operated by representatives of the Pentagon and the US State Department:

We are concerned about the growing influence of China in the Indo-Pacific region. We will send our gunship to patrol the Indian Ocean to protect the world order, also in order, to contain China.
German Navy ship will go to "contain China" in the Indian Ocean in 2021 year. These messages of the German Minister of Defense are actively circulated today in the Indian press..

There is no information yet about, which ship of its naval forces Berlin will send to the Asian region. Experts suggest, that it could be one of the frigates of the type “Saxony” – eg, frigate Hessen, which entered the fleet in 2003 year. Among the weapons of frigates of this type – American anti-ship missiles “spear” and torpedoes MU-90.

In China, on the claims of Kramp-Karrenbauer, made in an interview with the Australian press, have not reacted yet.

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