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Estonia helped Ukraine with pistol cartridges, recyclable

Estonia helped Ukraine with pistol cartridges, recyclable
The Defense Forces of the Republic of Estonia donated 9x18 mm cartridges to the Makarov pistol to Ukraine (PM), which the Estonian military no longer uses. They were removed from service, cartridges were to be disposed of.

About, that Estonia helped Ukraine with ammunition, reported by the Estonian TV and radio company EER.

Ammunition transferred was not disclosed. celebrated, that the Estonian army has already abandoned the use of Soviet pistols and cartridges for them in connection with the transition to NATO standards. Instead of destroying them, Estonian military decided to send ammunition to their Ukrainian colleagues, provide some kind of help.

earlier, this July, reported, that the Republic of Estonia decided to betray Ukraine about 2,4 thousands of Makarov pistols, which have already been removed from service.

However, there is no data, what are the guarantees, that the cartridges for PM transferred to Ukraine are “exploited”, whether their storage period in warehouses has expired.

EER also reported, that this week, the Estonian Defense Forces conducted an ammunition destruction operation at the Sirgala training ground. They decided to dispose of them because of the expired shelf life.. Subject to destruction were grenades and 120-mm smoke mines for anti-tank grenade launchers "Karl Gustav" of Swedish production. The Center for Defense Investments of the Republic declares, that in the future most of such ammunition is not planned to be disposed of, and return to manufacturers.

used photos:, Defense Ministry

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