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"Only a solution is needed": in MIT announced their readiness to resume work on the Barguzin BZHRK

«Нужно только решение»: в МИТ заявили о готовности возобновить работы по БЖРК «Barguzin»
Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering (MYTH) ready to resume work on the creation of a combat railway missile system (BJRK) “Barguzin”. This was told by the general designer of MIT, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Solomonov.

В интервью агентству ТАСС Соломонов сообщил, что институт готов возобновить приостановленные работы по созданию БЖРК “Barguzin”, все наработки сохранены. Для начала работ требуется только соответствующее решение властей и военных.

Мы готовы к этой работе. Она была приостановлена в известное время. Если будет принято решение по возобновлению работ, мы готовы продолжить их
– he stressed.

О начале работ над проектом боевого железнодорожного ракетного комплекса (BJRK) “Barguzin” The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced in 2012 year, at 2014 a rocket was chosen for him “yars”, and at the end 2017 years had passed a message, that the project is closed. According to Russian media, разработка была отложена “indefinitely”.

В то же время было известно, that the project has been fully developed, also successfully carried out throw tests of missiles for the complex. Later information appeared, that the resumption of work on it is possible when the military-political situation changes.

The development of the new BZHRK was carried out by the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, considering the experience of creating his predecessor – BZHRK with a rocket “Well done” (RT-23 UTTH, by NATO classification – SS-24 “Scalpel”).

During the Soviet Union, the Strategic Missile Forces had three divisions, which included four BZHRKs “Well done”. In this way, twelve “nuclear trains” carried 36 missiles, each of which carried 10 warheads. Utilization of BZHRK took place in 2003-2006 years.

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