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F-35 fighters of the United States are going to "protect" from the S-400 air defense system by law

US F-35 fighters are going «protect» from the S-400 air defense system by law
The United States will restrict the sale of advanced weapons systems to other countries if, if they (countries) will purchase foreign technologies, threatening American. The corresponding bill is being prepared by the US Senate, пишет Breaking Defense.

US Senators Working On Bill, which will help "protect" American weapons systems from Russian. Under the new law, advanced weapons will not be sold to those countries, who have foreign (read – Russian) system, threatening American. In particular, we are talking about the fifth generation fighter F-35 and the Russian air defense system S-400.

In this way, USA bluntly warns, that after buying Russian weapons, countries can forget about American technologies. In particular, Ankara may finally say goodbye to fifth generation American fighters, because the, despite repeated US demands, not going to give up the S-400.

Besides, in the United States intend to adopt another law, according to which the countries of the Middle East, those wishing to acquire American advanced technology, eg, F-35 fighters, shock drones and more, must inform Washington of the goals and plans of using these weapons. In the USA they fear that, that the acquired Russian S-400s by individual countries can be used against the same F-35 fighters.

note, that this bill was discussed back in 2019 year, when the Trump administration wanted to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE worth 8,1 billion. dollars, and the US Congress blocked the deal. How to get out of the situation, when the weapon could be sold and not worry about, it “will shoot, where not”, a new initiative was proposed to inform about plans to use weapons purchased from the United States.

Most likely, originally adopted for the Middle East, this law will apply to other countries, non-NATO.

Country, non-NATO, such as Finland and Switzerland, are also considering purchasing an F-35, and they will also have to stick to the new rules, if any version of the bills is passed
– noted in the Senate.

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