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Turkey responded to the refusal of Western countries to supply engines for UAV "Bayraktar"

Turkey responds to refusal of Western countries to supply engines for UAVs «Flags»
Turkey reacted to the actual sanctions imposed against its military-industrial complex by a number of Western countries.

Recall, that such sanctions were not only the refusal of the United States to transfer previously contracted F-35 fighters to Ankara, but also the prohibition of Canada and other states to supply aircraft engines to Turkey. In particular, we are talking about a ban on the supply of engines for attack drones "Bayraktar TB2" to Turkey.

Canada said, that "the use by Turkey of attack drones often goes beyond the framework of agreements in the NATO format". The use of “Bayraktarov” in the Karabakh conflict.

Turkey reacted rather harshly to such statements. Ankara said, what if individual countries and companies are not going to fulfill contractual obligations, then in this case, Turkey will switch to its own production of the necessary equipment and technology. At the same time, Western countries were accused of a policy of double standards. for example, indicates that, what are the countries in NATO, who conduct military operations without coordination with other members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Turkish Aerospace Industries representatives report, that their company is ready for import substitution. In particular, at the facilities of TAI will be carried out the production of Turkish aircraft engines for the aforementioned unmanned aircraft.

Turkish sources note, that UAVs with their own (Turkish) engines will receive a new designation - "Bayraktar TB3". noted, that these will be medium-altitude multipurpose drones, which will increase the flight duration. This will be the Turkish response to the ban of foreign companies from supplying engines for UAVs to Ankara..

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