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"Russia milks India": Indian readers discuss an article by a parliamentarian about, that "Russia is not a friend of India"

«Russia milks India»: Indian readers discuss an article by a parliamentarian about, what «Russia is not India's friend»
The Indian edition of the Sunday Guardian Live has an article, which attracts attention not only in India, but also in Russia.

The reason is the very provocative nature of the material., sponsored by one of the oldest members of the Indian Parliament, former Minister of Justice, former Minister of Commerce of the country Subramanian Swami.

The title of Mr. Swami's material speaks for itself: "Russia is not a friend of India".

81-summer parliamentarian in his article makes a reference to Soviet-Indian relations, Expressing, that the USSR “was not friends with India, and with the Nehru-Gandhi clan ".

For reference: Jawaharlal Nehru - First Prime Minister of India (1947-1964), Indira Gandhi's father, Rajiv Gandhi's grandfather.

Subramanian Swami in his article admits, to put it mildly, ambiguous statements:

India's connection with Russia, that is, the Soviet Union, carried out through the political elite, politicians like Jawaharlal Nehru and his clique, supporting bureaucracy. Nehru was tricked into thinking in the USSR, that the leaders in Moscow were constant friends, but in fact we, indians, were more like Pavlov's dogs, who obeyed signals from Moscow. The relevance of this story is, that many Indians still consider Russian friends of India, little understanding, that in international relations there are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies.

Swami further writes, that the Soviet KGB maintained close contact with the Nehru-Gandhi family, and then significantly added, that "Putin previously worked in the KGB of the USSR".

From an article by an 81-year-old Indian parliamentarian:

The question arises: will Putin's Russia be a true friend of India today in our border war with China? The answer will come, when will we understand, what is Russian-Chinese friendship today. My short answer to the question – "no". The reason is, that Russians are acting in accordance with the interests of China. That is, Russia – "Junior partner" of China. Russia, according to Putin's statement from 23 October 2020 of the year, "May enter into a military alliance with China".
Then Swami "drives out" on the topic of, that India “probably, in vain I bought the S-400 air defense system from Russia ".

«Russia milks India»: Indian readers discuss an article by a parliamentarian about, what «Russia is not India's friend»
Right in the photo – Subramanian Swami

In general, such statements once again make it clear, that in the same India there are forces, which do not represent the interests of India itself. In this case, behind the messages of Mr. Swami, the ears of those, who is going to strike at the Indian-Russian partnership, including in the military-technical sphere. To do this, people like Mr. Swami will expose their obscure arguments as the ultimate truth..

The last few phrases in an article by a member of Indian Parliament speak volumes about, Whose mill is this man pouring water on.

Russia is no longer India's friend – from 1992 of the year.
Then Swami writes about the need for choice, including the option of considering a strategic partnership with the United States and expansion at the expense of Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia alliance against the PRC.

According to an Indian parliamentarian, India does not need allies in the border conflict with China.

Notably, what, discussing the article, a number of readers of the Indian press agreed with the arguments of Subramanian Swami.
A few comments:

«Russia milks India»: Indian readers discuss an article by a parliamentarian about, what «Russia is not India's friend»
I completely agree, Mr. Swami. Russia milks India. This Putin is like a snake in the grass, can bite anyone.
Excellent article, Mr. Swami
However, the point of view of a member of the Indian parliament and a former minister of the Indian government is not shared by all. Many people believe, that we are not talking about, to certainly be friends or be at enmity with Russia. celebrated, that in any case there should be balanced relations with Russia, not emotions, like those, which the deputy allows himself. Many were frankly outraged by the comparison of Indians with “Pavlov's dogs”, which Swami issued.

used photos:Facebook / Subramanian Swami

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