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The US press believes, that a new superpower war is imminent

The US press believes, that a new superpower war is imminent
The confrontation between Washington and Beijing has gone too far. The short-sighted policy of the United States is to blame., who do not want to accept the existing reality.

Writes about this professor at the University of Texas A&M Christopher Lane in his article, published by Foreign Affairs, counting, that a new superpower war is imminent.

Since China will not surrender its positions in East Asia to the Americans, his confrontation with the United States could end even more sadly for the latter, than the regional wars in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

From about the 80s of the last century, the theory began to take hold, that for a number of reasons in the modern world a full-scale armed conflict between the superpowers is impossible. But Christopher Lane strongly disagrees with this point of view.. He considers, that there have been many “pain points”, each of which is capable of leading to war.

Lane also notes, that the presence of nuclear weapons is no longer a deterrent, after all, modern technologies allow using miniature warheads to wage a limited atomic war, which is unable to lead to a global catastrophe.

According to Professor, The United States must recognize China as an equal world power and cede dominance in the East Asian region. Otherwise the Americans will get such a war, the likes of which has not been seen since World War II.

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