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American pilots talked about piloting Soviet MiG fighters as part of a secret squadron of Red Eagles

American pilots talked about piloting Soviet MiG fighters as part of a secret squadron of Red Eagles
Material was released in American media, which presents the testimonies of American pilots, at one time served in a secret squadron. This is the formation of the United States Air Force, called Red Eagles. In the 4477th test squadron, they performed flights, including on Soviet MiGs, which for various reasons were at the disposal of the Americans.

American pilots from Red Eagles Squadron talk about, that they had to pilot Soviet multipurpose MiG-23 fighters. Test flights to clarify the spectrum of characteristics of Soviet combat aircraft were carried out at a military facility in Nevada with an airfield located on it - Tonopah.

Such test flights were carried out on the basis of the squadron in the 1970-80s..

In addition to the MiG-23, American pilots mastered the Soviet MiG-21, as well as Chinese Chengdu F7. Chinese Chengdu F7s are a copy of the same MiG-21s produced at that time in the USSR..

One of the main tasks, which was put in front of American pilots from the "Red Eagles", consisted in obtaining data on, how in the future American planes get advantages over Soviet and Chinese aircraft in the air, what are their main vulnerabilities.

As noted in the American press, in the video presented, some data and flight stories are voiced for the first time in the public domain. In particular, reported three hangars, which at certain stages contained at least seven Soviet MiG-21 and MiG-23.

It also tells about, that mass flights were practiced on Soviet-designed fighters with simulated air combat.

Talks about, that the old program of training American pilots on Soviet and Chinese aircraft was closed in 1988 year. However, then a new program appeared, in which other fighters are involved, including MiG-29 and Su-27. Some secret test operations using these aircraft are performed at the Groom Lake Flight Test Center..

American military veteran pilots also talk about, that initially piloting Soviet fighters was an extremely unusual activity, but then such piloting made it possible to identify how strong, and the weaknesses of Soviet MiGs.

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