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Russia began supplying modernized T-72MC "White Eagle" tanks to Serbia

Russia starts supplying modernized T-72MC tanks to Serbia «White Eagle»
The Russian Ministry of Defense began supplying the Serbian military with modernized T-72 MS tanks “White Eagle”. As reported by the news agency Sputnik Srbija, 28 October, the first two tanks were delivered to Serbia.

The Serbian military department received the first two T-72MS tanks from 30 modernized tanks “White Eagle”, donated by Russia to Serbia from the presence of the agreement on military-technical cooperation.

The tanks were delivered 28 October this year with Il-76TD transport aircraft. The unloading of aircraft was carried out at the airfield in Batainice near Belgrade.

According to a blog bmpd, the modernization of T-72B1 tanks into the T-72MS version was carried out at JSC “61 armored repair plant” (Strelna, St. Petersburg).

T-72MS “White Eagle” equipped with a round-the-clock gunner's sight PN-72 “Pine-in”, commander's round-the-clock panoramic sight PKP-72 “Hawkeye” using a third generation thermal imaging camera, automatic target tracking, chassis information control system, navigation system, new gun stabilizer, as well as a remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun. At the same time, dynamic protection “Contact 1” not replaced.

When will the rest be delivered 28 tanks, not yet reported.


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