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“You won't wait!»: Lukashenka reacted to rumors about his departure from politics

«Don't wait!»: Lukashenka reacted to rumors about his departure from politics
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, that he does not intend to leave politics even after, how will he leave his post. He stated this at a meeting with employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

30 October Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during which he reacted with the phrase: “Don't wait!”, when asked about the decline of his political career after leaving the post of head of state.

Don't wait! This does not mean, that I will be blue fingers, As said, hold on to this chair. No. Politics – it's not only the president. Sooner or later we will leave these positions., but we won't get away from keeping that, what have we saved now
– said the Belarusian leader.

At the same time, Lukashenka stressed, that never ran and is not going to run. According to him, he is ready to help in the future as a new president, and security officials, if they ask him for advice.

But if anyone thinks, what I have now gathered and unscrewed. Listen, there were situations, may be, when someone was trembling. But here the generals are sitting, who constantly ran into me, We have seen, that my hair didn't even flinch. Listen, we had more difficult, we burned cars on the streets, anarchists and scum from all over the world came in the mid-1990s, these frames are
– he added.

Earlier Lukashenka warned the protesters, who are trying to destabilize the situation, that there are more “will not be taken prisoner”.

We endured. I immediately indicated: there are red lines. And god forbid, someone will cross them. They crossed them in many directions., I talked about it. Therefore, those, who goes to the railroad today, they, who hangs fascist banners on the power line, in short, they, who is trying to destroy today, destabilize state infrastructure, must know: from today, especially in the apartments of citizens, where are they hiding, we take no one prisoner
– he said, adding, what if one of the protesters “touches a soldier, he must get out of there at least without hands”.

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