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A new diesel-electric icebreaker of project 21900M2 for the Far East was laid in Hamburg

A new diesel-electric icebreaker of project 21900M2 for the Far East was laid in Hamburg
Linear diesel-electric icebreaker of project 21900M2 for FSUE “Rosmorport” laid in Germany. According to the information and analytical agency “PortNews”, icebreaker laying ceremony took place 29 October 2020 years at the German shipyard Pella Sietas in Hamburg.

Linear diesel-electric icebreaker project 21900M2 with capacity 18 MW ice-class Icebreaker7 to be built in Hamburg, at the Pella Sietas shipyard, controlled by a Russian OJSC “Pella”. Shipyard in Neuenfeld (Hamburg region), existed since 1635 of the year, at 2014 year went bankrupt and was acquired by a Russian “Pella”.

This shipyard has a dry dock, allowing to build vessels up to 180 meters and up to 40 m. Icebreaker of project 21900M2 became the largest order in the history of this German shipyard in terms of cost, and in size.

The icebreaker will be built under the contract, prisoner “Pella” in September 2019 year following an open competition. Vyborg Shipyard, previously built three icebreakers of project 21900M for the North, did not participate in the competition. Most likely, another contract for the second icebreaker of this project will also receive “Pella”.

The new icebreaker is designed for year-round operation in the freezing seaports of the Far East. Commissioning of the vessel is planned for 2024 year.

According to a blog bmpd, project 21900M2 was developed on the basis of project 21900M and the draft design of the icebreaker, developed by JSC KB “Pennant” taking into account modern international convention requirements, including the reduction of harmful emissions of marine engines. Ice class of the new vessel has been increased to Icebreaker7.

Length overall - 119,8 m, maximum width - 27,5 m, sediment - 8,5 m, speed - 17 knots, displacement - 14 300 tonnes, screw power - 18 MW.

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