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The British press: After Brexit, our country will resemble Soviet Russia 1980 years

The British press: After Brexit, our country will resemble Soviet Russia 1980 years
FROM 1 January 2021 of the year, after the end of the transition period under Brexit, European companies will start leaving the UK market due to the obligation to pay VAT to the UK government, which was not before, when the UK entered the EU. As Zoe Williams writes for The Guardian, this can lead to a shortage of goods, and the country will turn into a kind of Soviet Russia in the 80s of the last century.

Withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union and end with 1 January 2021 years of transition will expel small firms and companies from the British market, to whom it will become unprofitable to sell their goods. At the same time British companies are getting active, which were previously ousted from the market by cheaper European companies. Competition between manufacturers will decrease, but it won't “good news”, sure Williams.

(…) fewer competitors means, that we will not be able to buy goods, and those goods, which we can buy, will be more expensive and, perhaps, lower quality, because there will be no other similar products on the market
– the author of.

In its opinion, Great Britain after Brexit will be Russia of the 80s of the last century, where everything was beautiful, but it was impossible to buy many products.

The Kremlin and the Hermitage are very beautiful, but no one in Russia can buy Levi's jeans. It was this brief description that helped us understand the essence of the atrocities of communism towards the end of its existence.
– gives an example from Williams.

The author draws attention, what are the current UK residents if they want something, they can buy it, after 1 January this may not be.

I will not comment then, do we really need all those goods, which we are now buying from the European Union. I just wanna say, what, probably, we all will soon be able to partly feel for ourselves, what life was like in Russia in the 1980s
– sums up Zoe Williams.

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