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Alexander Rogers: Ottoman dreams and cruel Russian reality

Turks can draw anything, as well as Erdogan can declare himself at least "the only true defender of Islam", even Napoleon. Eat something he will eat, who will give him?!

Alexander Rogers: Ottoman dreams and cruel Russian reality

Looked again (don't know anymore, what for) performances of pike vests at Solovyov's. This time about Turkey.

And it's the same thing again: Russia needs a strategy, strategy impossible without ideology (why? as comrade Stalin said, "not sure"), Russia needs ideology (if you need it, write, suggest!).

Let's start with a simple question. Where did they get it?, that Russia does not have a strategy on the situation in general and on Turkey in particular?

Gopher is not visible, and he is.

Or this strategy should have been told to talking heads on TV?

It's stupid Americans who publish their strategy papers in the public domain., from where you can find out almost all of their plans directly, without their residents in their departments.

Why on earth would we do this?

I dont know, what about "the spoken word is a lie" (never understood this proverb), but it is absolutely certain that "The announced strategy is a lost strategy".

No wonder Putin and we, and in the West is considered an unpredictable player. That is why - he never announces his plans in advance..

Nobody knew about Crimea, not about Syria, nor about "cartoons", not about a change of government. Exactly until that moment, until it becomes a fait accompli.

And then some incomprehensible citizens demand, so that they were given "to read" the plans of the General Staff. You, properly, Who? What is your clearance level?

Why do you need this nonsense about “the government does not understand, what to do in this situation "bear? You are sincerely wrong, or who advised? Just fools, or trying to stir up confusion?

Really think, what's in the Kremlin, in SIA, in the notorious GRU and in the aforementioned General Staff, all the fools, and you alone are standing in a white cloak (and eat brick)?

Or are you a residency, which someone insistently asked to know about the plans of the Russian leadership, so that the relevant third countries can resist it?

"I can not understand"(from)

Remember, write down, and then tell everyone - everything is always wrong in Russia, as it seems.

A few years ago I even painted it in the form of the concept of VRDZ - the Great Russian Smoke Screen.

But to understand this, you need to read comrade Divov. for example, "The best crew of the Solar" (and not only).

Back to Turkey. All the pike vests count together, that "something needs to be done urgently".

Because “someone there in Turkey is already drawing maps, on which Tyumen is Turkish " (or whatever they paint there, it does not matter). Or someone there (by the way, not Erdogan) He stated, that "Crimea is Turkey".

Adored sampling!

Every time on such statements I quote my favorite episode from "Peculiarities of the National Hunt":

- You are under arrest!

- Do you have a pistol?

- Then detained ...

Turks can draw anything, as well as Erdogan can declare himself at least "the only true defender of Islam", even Napoleon.

Eat something he will eat, who will give him?!

Turkish economy is weak. Turkey has no allies (clients seem to be, but no allies). But rivals and enemies are above the roof, and Erdogan is rapidly multiplying them - like in a fairy tale, by leaps, and bounds.

Erdogan in a quarrel with the USA (and even if I were not in a quarrel, then those are not up to him now, they have elections on the brink of civil war). With the European Union as a whole, too, although blackmails them so, what will let the refugees in.

Now Erdogan has also managed to embroil Turkey with France, and with a bunch of personal insults to Macron.

Erdogan almost announced gazavat (holy war in defense of faith, there is no concept of "jihad" in the Quran), while essentially threatening France with terrorist attacks.

by the way, an attempt to declare himself the leader and protector of all Muslims automatically made him an enemy of Iran and Saudi Arabia, whose leaders also claim this status.

As Bogatyryosha said in KVN, "Until now, nothing has happened. Now everything is just beginning ".

And when the pike vests declare, that “Russia is inactive, while Turkey is strengthening ", then they thereby also demonstrate a complete ignorance of the operational picture of what is happening.

Because Russia has already responded to Erdogan for his attempts to ignite Karabakh and crush Azerbaijan. Answered beautifully, asymmetrically, as always - not there, where was it expected.

Destroying the headquarters of Failak al-Sham, favorite Turkish group in Idlib. Many killed and wounded reported. This headquarters was used to coordinate and finance the vast majority of pro-Turkish militants in the region..

Before that, a blow was struck on the oil infrastructure in Jarablus. That is, in fact, on Erdogan's personal business, old lover of the illegal oil trade.

As you can see, all the cries of all the protesters "Russia has no strategy" and "Russia is inactive", to put it mildly, not true. Due to their blatant incompetence and lack of information.

However, as usual.

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