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Tikhanovskaya's strikes are an undermining of the Belarusian economy

Tikhanovskaya's methods of political struggle are unacceptable for Belarusian society and economy, says chief researcher at the Institute of Europe, RAS Nikolai Mezhevich.

Tikhanovskaya's strikes are an undermining of the Belarusian economy

Tikhanovskaya calls for the collapse of the state

Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya announced the beginning of a state strike 26 October 2020 of the year. This appeal was published in the politician's Telegram channel.

“Belarusians will take this step, because their word is law. Law, whom they tried to deprive us of, but which we will definitely return ". Only the followers of Freud can find the logic in this statement..

Despite the absurdity of how Tikhanovskaya, and her rhetoric, such actions have a certain meaning. It consists in sabotaging the Belarusian economy. On 2019 the share of state-owned companies in Belarus was 11,3 %, but in practice, all major enterprises are owned by the state.

in January 2020 of the year was owned by the state 3275 Belarusian enterprises. They provide jobs 1 277 million people or 43,4% hired workers of Belarus. The structure is based on agricultural and industrial enterprises, which Tihanovskaya calls on to strike.

You don't have to be seven inches in your forehead, to understand, that the implementation of these plans threatens the collapse of the economy. This will not happen due to the lack of support for Tikhanovskaya among the working population., but an important concept of protest.

Tikhanovskaya and forces, who are behind it, trying to fight Lukashenka by destroying the economy.

Tikhanovskaya's strikes are an undermining of the Belarusian economy

Belarusian enterprises will not strike

“From the point of view of revolutionary expediency, the meaning is. If you weren't interviewing me, and Trotsky in his best years, then he would have answered. All circumstances of a moral and political nature in revolutionary logic are subordinated to one goal - the seizure of state power ", – states Mezhevich.

“We will destroy the old world to the ground, and then…". Here is "then", from the point of view of Tikhanovskaya and her sponsors, new people should come to power in Minsk, who will take all the "cream" from this country.

"Trotsky would call Tikhanovskaya's actions correct, since we are talking about an attempt to bring significant damage to the political regime of Belarus ", – Mezhevich concludes.

Earlier, the "headquarters of Tikhanovskaya" tried to destabilize the Belarusian ruble by calling on the population to withdraw money from banks. All this automatically affected the country's financial system., therefore, the ultimate damage was incurred by ordinary Belarusian citizens.

“If you take the draft of a nationwide strike, then Tikhanovskaya has no real opportunities. Enterprises, which are the basis of the Belarusian economy, such calls will not be supported ", – summarizes Mezhevich.

Tikhanovskaya's strikes are an undermining of the Belarusian economy

Ministry of Industry of Belarus denied information, that strikes began at the enterprises of the republic. The production process is going on as usual there., no violation of plans.

Belarusians have years of experience, when fermentation in factories did not lead to a decrease in their productivity. This is because the, that capacities are not loaded in the coronavirus, and there is room to maneuver.

“Serious business does not need any upheavals of a political nature. This category includes not only the Minsk Tractor Works, but also any enterprise, working according to the laws of economics ", – states Mezhevich.

The goal of a business is to make a profit or perform systemically important functions for society., not a fight for political dividends, therefore, Tikhanovskaya's calls run counter to the interests of domestic players.

“For vodokanal, making a profit is a secondary task, but Tikhanovskaya does not speak, what to make exceptions. Her appeals are about the complete paralysis of the economy ", – Mezhevich concludes.

Tikhanovskaya's strikes are an undermining of the Belarusian economy

Such calls are destructive from the point of view of Belarusian interests. Besides, they are irresponsible - Mezhevich would look at the Belarusian opposition, if they sat for a week without water and sewage.

“Vodokanals and sanitary services are also enterprises, where Tikhanovskaya proposes to hold a strike. The absurdity of the situation is obvious, so even those Belarusian citizens, who are critical of Lukashenka, such calls will not be answered ", – summarizes Mezhevich.

Tikhanovskaya has an aberration of consciousness - she is sure, what all, who is against Lukashenka, for her, but it is not.

Protests in Belarus are on the decline

Tikhanovskaya's political sponsors are Poland, Lithuania, USA and European structures, but the course towards the West is supported by a smaller part of the Belarusian society. This is unacceptable for most Belarusians.

but, that circumstance cannot be ignored, that the protests in Belarus continue for the third month. It doesn't matter anymore, who is behind them, important then, that they caused damage to the Belarusian national economy.

Tikhanovskaya's strikes are an undermining of the Belarusian economy

"Political science excludes endless processes, except for the power struggle. The radical form usually gives way to standard political strife, which is expected by Belarus ", – states Mezhevich.

Protests in Belarus no longer have "drive", because of this, they gradually decline, it is not surprising, that Tikhanovskaya and her sponsors are using more and more radical methods of political struggle.

Dmitry Sikorski

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