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The version about the future of Tikhanovskaya is presented in that case , if Lukashenka does not leave his post

The version about the future of Tikhanovskaya is presented in that case , if Lukashenka does not leave his post
Experts comment on the situation with the cancellation of a mass rally in support of Lukashenka, which was supposed to take place today in Minsk. Recall, that the President of Belarus called the possibility of provocation and collapse as the main reason for refusing such a rally. According to him, “One explosion somewhere in the crowd - and people will start to press, like on Nemiga ".

One of the previously announced slogans of the rally in support of Lukashenka was as follows: “Cutlets are waiting for the light”, which to a certain extent plays out on her own statements.

celebrated, that Lukashenka made an informed decision, since in the event of two large rallies in Minsk, clashes could begin, what is needed for the curators of the opposition.

At the same time, we know, that the opposition did not refuse to hold its protest action. Representatives of the opposition forces, recall, put forward an ultimatum against Alexander Lukashenko. Oppositionists claim, that “today Lukashenka’s legitimacy is over”, and promise, that “the protest will only grow, if Lukashenka does not voluntarily leave the presidency ".

In this regard, experts, analyzing the situation in Belarus, unequivocally say, that Lukashenka is definitely not going to leave his post, which will clearly put Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and her Western curators in an uncomfortable position. Points out, that the Belarusian industry continues to work, railways of Belarus also did not stop work under the calls of Tikhanovskaya.

This indicates, that the majority of Belarusian citizens perfectly understand, that even if someone receives the promised by the same Tikhanovskaya "1.5 thousand euros for supporting the protests against Lukashenka", then it will become, rather, one-time share, but by no means a guarantee of the growth of economic well-being in the country.

In this regard, forecasts regarding the further behavior of Tikhanovskaya, if Lukashenko does not leave his post and does not fulfill the ultimatum demands of the opposition. One popular version is, that Tikhanovskaya will be turned into the head of the "government in exile", which will continue to be used as a tool for destabilization in Belarus. At the same time, the information activity of Tikhanovskaya will fade away - according to the same plot, on which the information activity of Guaido in Venezuela faded. Here, but, there is a difference: Juan Guyado, proclaiming himself on the street the head of the Venezuelan state, at least not run away from the country.

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