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"Who will win in the future: tank or UAV " – reflections in the western press

«Who will win in the future: tank or UAV» - reflections in the western press
In modern wars, tanks and artillery have become an excellent target for cheap, but high-tech drones, it's getting harder to protect them. but, as Jorn Mikkelsen writes for the Danish edition of Jyllands-Posten, abandon tanks prematurely.

Recent military conflicts have shown, then it becomes more difficult to protect tanks from attack drones. If earlier drones were in service with only developed countries, then soon everyone will have them without exception. Cheap and easy to operate, they are capable of destroying expensive and high-tech equipment on the ground..

As an example, the author cites the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, where in common videos you can see, how tanks are destroyed using drones. The fighting showed, that in most cases, drones destroyed enemy armored vehicles.

If you remove the radar systems and the air force from the game, tanks and other armored vehicles can be easily destroyed using drones. They just aren't designed for attacks from above, but prepared mainly for blows to the side of the body
– said Andreas Groe, Associate Professor of the Department of Military Technologies of the Defense Academy.

Armies of many countries, including the US and UK, against the backdrop of the emergence of high-tech weapons such as drones, are considering options to significantly reduce the tank fleet or completely abandon their use. The Dutch army practically abandoned tanks altogether.. It is believed, that in modern wars the tank will play a secondary role.

Nevertheless, most military consider the tank to be a powerful and flexible weapon., which is too early to write off. According to experts, due to the threat of drones, the tank needs to be used differently, providing them with protection from air attacks.

I am by no means counting, that drones killed tanks and other heavy weapons. But they changed our view of air defense.
– said Major Karsten Marrup of the Defense Academy

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