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"China buys access to the Arctic from the Russian Federation" - foreign press

«China buys Russia's access to the Arctic» – foreign press
China is in dire need of the Arctic. There she is interested not only in access to the Northern Sea Route., but also rich oil deposits, gas, coal and other minerals.

Felix Icke discusses this in the article, published in the German newspaper Die Zeit.

Although China considers itself an "almost arctic power", its northernmost port Dalian is located in 5700 kilometers from the North Pole. Therefore, in order to implement its strategy of creating the northern branch of the Great Silk Road, China buys access to the Arctic from the Russian Federation.. Beijing is trying to strengthen its partnership with our country, to gain a foothold in the Far North.

Club infographics “Valdai”.
«China buys Russia's access to the Arctic» – foreign press
It is assumed, that the Arctic has many undeveloped and even undiscovered deposits of energy and other minerals. For the sake of access to them, China is ready to invest in the infrastructure of the northern regions of Russia.

Beijing understands about the Northern Sea Route, then this is the shortest way to deliver goods from East Asia to European countries. And although there is a noticeable warming in the Arctic, talk about a year-round transit route, perhaps, prematurely. Looks like, that the main purpose of the Arctic sea routes at this stage will be the delivery of Russian LNG from the Arctic zone of Russia to Europe and Asia.

Investments of Chinese capital in the Russian Far North are currently in the interests of our country. After all, the development of the Arctic, and expanding the markets for energy resources is beneficial for us.

properly, Mutual economic benefit plays a major role in Russian-Chinese relations. The state interests of the two countries at this stage do not conflict, but you shouldn't try to see more in this, than banal pragmatism.

The relations between the two countries were very accurately characterized by expert Elena Legarda from the Institute of Chinese Studies.:

China and Russia are not allies, and partners.

used photos:FSBI website “Administration of the Northern Sea Route”, D. Lobusov,

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