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Humane councils of the US embassy in Belarus considered a warning of a new crisis

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya does not hide plans to arouse the anger of workers and bring instability to the economy of Belarus, I told ABF "Economics today» Professor, Department of Comparative Political Science, PFUR Yuri Post.

Humane councils of the US embassy in Belarus considered a warning of a new crisis

The Embassy of the United States of America in Belarus recommended to fellow citizens, located in Minsk and other cities, avoid mass actions, stock up on cash and provide yourself with three days of food supplies, medicines and water.

"This requirement – widespread in many states and has become almost annual. In a particular country, the United States Embassy makes such announcements for various reasons. And in itself is normal., everything should look humane. Usually, the diplomatic mission asks people not to forget to buy food for cats and dogs.

However, in this case, there are expectations, concern or even hope, that a new wave of the crisis in Belarus will be more serious. maybe, events will force the authorities to impose a curfew or a state of emergency ", – told the political scientist Yuri Post.

West is acting according to plan

A document with recommendations appeared on the official website of the department on the eve of the end of the "people's ultimatum", announced by the ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

The latter requires the current Belarusian authorities to 26 October this year to fulfill a number of demands of the "opposition", including the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko, ending "street violence", release of all political prisoners. Otherwise, the state will cover a wave of protests and strikes of all enterprises.

Humane councils of the US embassy in Belarus considered a warning of a new crisis

The American Embassy does not rule out, that representatives of law enforcement agencies of Belarus, as well as protesters are able to use force during mass actions. The diplomatic mission recalled, that “the security forces have already detained and arrested a number of participants and organizers of the actions on suspicion of violating Belarusian legislation”.

In this regard, the staff of the US Embassy urged compatriots to carry documents with them., identification, American passport with an active Belarusian visa or a visa-free entry stamp.

Further scenario, specifies Yuri Mail, will depend on, how events will begin on the day of the end of the “people's ultimatum” of the main opponent of Alexander Lukashenko.

The first to flee the ship

Notably, what the day before the expected rallies, as reported by Reuters, Svetlana Tihanovskaya went into self-isolation after meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, who tests positive for coronavirus.

Recall, rallies began after 9 August presidential elections in Belarus, which Alexander Lukashenko won, I typed, according to the CEC, 80,1% votes.

Humane councils of the US embassy in Belarus considered a warning of a new crisis

“The United States is showing some concern for its citizens, so you can't tell right away, what is this interference. But i don't think, that there are many Americans in Belarus.

Belarusian crisis, Unfortunately, continues. They are trying to guide them from abroad. We saw similar in Syria, Venezuela and other countries, where for some reason, some citizens recognize the local government as illegitimate. Whether it's a bad election or a violation of human rights. Then there is an alternative "power", which is provided political support by other states ", – He explained the expert.

During the early days of protests, according to official data, law enforcement officials detained more than 6700 human. As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, during the riots hundreds of people were injured, among them over 130 security officials.

Protests continue to this day, the most ambitious are held on weekends. In parallel, supporters of Alexander Lukashenko, which was inaugurated 23 September this year,, organize events in support of the authorities in the format of processions and car rallies.

Humane councils of the US embassy in Belarus considered a warning of a new crisis

“In this case, the American side is implementing the classic scenario. Of course, I would like to, so that the crisis ends and the current government, and her opponents found a common language without interference from abroad.

In Belarus, not the first attempt to undermine the economy is being made. Tikhanovskaya does not hide this and speaks directly about plans to arouse the anger of the workers and by their efforts to bring instability.

Much depends on, will the process go through negotiations and consultations. If contradictions escalate, strikes risk becoming permanent. A similar thing happened in Poland. Technologies are known and tested. However, the size of the threat to the Belarusian economy depends on the degree of organization of the opponents of the current government. ", – summed up the political scientist.

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