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The S-300V4 military air defense system was able to shoot down hypersonic missiles

The S-300V4 military air defense system was able to shoot down hypersonic missiles
Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-300V4 is capable of hitting hypersonic missiles. As reported “Notifications” with reference to the military establishment, The Ministry of Defense has completed a set of tests of the anti-aircraft air defense system of the Ground Forces.

The Ministry of Defense completed tests of the S-300V4 air defense system, passed in several stages, the final of which was a command post exercise “Caucasus 2020”. The anti-aircraft complex has confirmed the ability to hit all targets, including operational-tactical and hypersonic. The complex received this opportunity thanks to a new rocket., specially created for the S-300V4.

As the newspaper writes, previously the Ministry of Defense reported, that the new anti-aircraft missile for the S-300V4 has a hypersonic speed and can hit all modern and promising means of aerospace attack at ranges up to 400 km.

The S-300V2 and S-300V4 series of complexes were originally developed for anti-missile defense in the theater of operations.. A new generation rocket is currently being tested, which for many years will provide reliable protection against modern and promising types of weapons. Potential adversary has no chance. As for American claims about their hypersonic weapons, then no one has ever seen their developments in action
– quotes the publication of the words of the ex-deputy head of the Air Force on the CIS Unified Air Defense System, Lieutenant General Aytech Bizhev.

Anti-aircraft missile system S-300V4 manufactured by JSC “Concern EKR “Almaz-Antey” created specifically for the Ground Forces and designed to protect troops during defensive and offensive operations, air defense of military facilities. The complex is armed with three types of anti-aircraft missiles. When fighting ballistic targets, the S-300V4 is capable of striking 16 missiles, flying speeds of up to 4500 m / sec. Is the only missile defense system in the world – MLP, capable of effectively fighting ballistic missiles with a launch range of up to 2500 km. This is the fourth version of the modernization of the military air defense system S-300V.

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