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At the second "Varshavyanka" for the Pacific Fleet "Volkhov" the St. Andrew's flag was raised

On the second «Warsaw» for the Pacific Fleet «Volkhov» raised the flag of St. Andrew
Second submarine of the project 636.3 “Volkhov”, built for the Pacific Fleet, became part of the Navy, St. Andrew's flag was raised on the submarine. It is reported by the press service “Admiralty shipyards”, where the submarine was built.

Solemn ceremony of raising the St. Andrew's flag on a submarine “Volkhov” took place on “Admiralty shipyards”. This is the second “Varshavyanka”, after the head “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”, built for the Pacific Fleet and already accepted into the fleet.

The solemn ceremony of raising the Andreevsky flag on the submarine and its inclusion in the Navy took place
– It said in a statement.

About, what “Volkhov” will be accepted into the fleet 24 October, Earlier, the official representative of the Russian Navy, Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo.

DEPL “Volkhov” is the second submarine of the type “Varshavyanka” in series, under construction for the Pacific Fleet. Laid on the same day as the head diesel-electric submarine “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” – 28 July 2017 of the year, launched 26 December 2019 of the year. Head submarine “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” entered the fleet 25 November 2019 of the year. Third and fourth submarines, received the title “Ufa” and “Magadan”, laid on “Admiralty shipyards” 1 November last year. Submarines are built according to an improved design.

In early October, 2020 it became known, what “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” and “Volkhov” will arrive in Kamchatka next, 2021 year. The passage of submarines is planned through the Northern Sea Route and will be completed in summer.

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