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"The Russians are shooting the P-700 again": Polish press on the old weapons of the nuclear submarine "Antey"

«Russians shoot P-700 again»: Polish press on old nuclear submarine weapons «Antaeus»
Russian nuclear-powered submarine "Orel" performed rocket firing during the exercise. Despite the declared by the military department of the modernization of the onboard weapons system of submarines of project 949A "Antey", they remained with the same main caliber.

All the same "Granite"

The Russians again fired old anti-ship missiles of the P-700 Granit type from under the water, and not new "Caliber", Onyx and Zircon
– writes Polish edition of Defense24, describing the shooting, produced 13 October in the Barents Sea at a distance of 120 km.

According to external observation, which was piloted by a PLO IL-38, the crew of the nuclear submarine "Orel" successfully coped with the task assigned to it. However, the type of RCC raises questions: "Granite" was created back in the 1980s.

meanwhile, judging by the previous statements of the Russian command, ships of the "Antey" class had to be modernized and prepared for the use of new weapons systems
– says the publication, Noting, what, as it turns out, not on a single submarine of this project, which has left the shipyard over the past five years after repair and modernization, no such changes were made.

So, work was carried out on the "Orel" during 2014 – 2017 years. However, he retained the same arsenal of weapons.. A similar situation is observed in the case of the submarine of project 949A "Omsk", which was renovated in 2015 – 2019 years and remained with the anti-ship missile system "Granit".

Unfulfilled dreams of the fleet

Now everyone hopes, that up to version 949AM with its characteristic new anti-ship missiles, Irkutsk will be remade, which should leave the shipyard in 2022 year. However, this submarine is the oldest in its line.. Therefore it is unlikely, that a decision will be made to invest huge funds in it for modernization.

so, there is a high probability, that the modernization of "Anteev" to version 949AM will remain an unfulfilled dream of the Navy
– concludes Defense24.

Currently, the Navy has seven submarines of the 949A type., Kursk died in 2000, three Antheas were decommissioned in the 2010s, "Belgorod" is being completed according to a special project and should become the carrier of the nuclear torpedo "Poseidon". The submarines remaining in service are armed 12 twin launchers "Granite". At the same time, the Rubin Central Design Bureau has developed a project for their modification to version 949AM. As expected, modernization of launch systems will not require changes to the ship's hull.

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