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Chechen or Algerian: in France, they find out the identity of the terrorist, beheaded teacher

Chechen or Algerian: in France, they find out the identity of the terrorist, beheaded teacher
French media released a statement that, what terrorist, who attacked a teacher in the vicinity of Paris, probably, is a native of Chechnya. noted, that this is indirectly confirmed by his nickname Tchetchene_270.

We are talking about an 18-year-old resident of France, who is suspected of committing a terrorist act. By attacking one of the local teachers, the offender cut off his head and posted the scary snapshot on his Twitter page. In the microblogging, he addressed the President of France Emmanuel Macron, stated, that “he executed the hellish dog, who dared to humiliate the prophet Muhammad ". At the same time, the criminal called Macron himself "the ruler of the infidels" on Twitter..

Account Tchetchene_270 has been blocked at this time.

The attack was carried out after, as the teacher showed in one of the lessons cartoons of the prophet.

Aware of, that the terrorist could be 18-year-old Abdulak A., which the, as stated, "Could have been born in Moscow".

At the same time, the French press says that, that this person was already in the field of view of the special services, as "related to radical movements".

Formerly Macron, commenting on the crime, He stated, that the French teacher "died for freedom and tolerance".

Notably, that earlier information appeared in the French press that, that the teacher was killed by a 48-year-old native of Algeria - the father of one of the students, and Tchetchene_270 just decided “get promoted”.

Meanwhile, a policy of tolerance towards migrants is being discussed in France. noted, that radicals of all stripes have arrived and continue to arrive in the country, many of whom are subsequently ready to commit crimes, including terrorist attacks.

used photos:Facebook / gendarmerie of France

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