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Why China cannot do without Russia's help in civil aircraft construction: project CR929

Why China cannot do without Russia's help in civil aircraft construction: project CR929
Despite rapid economic growth and high level of technology development, China still continues to cooperate with Russia in the field of aircraft construction. There are reasons for this.

Three years ago, at 2017 year, China Civil Aircraft Corporation (COMAC) and the Russian United Aircraft Corporation (OAK) formed a joint China-Russia international commercial aircraft building company (CRAIC). The main task of the new company was the creation of wide-body passenger aircraft for the needs of the growing Chinese civil aviation market.. One year later, at 2018 year, a demo CR929 was presented in Zhuhai. Air Show China participants could see it, held in this city.

The need for its own passenger planes in China is really very high. So, at 2018 year in the PRC were operated 409 wide-body passenger aircraft. I.e, in just one year, their number increased by 47 machines compared to 2017 year. After nine years, at 2029 year, in the PRC will be operated until 779 wide-body passenger aircraft, that is, their number will almost double. In this way, the Chinese civil aviation market is really developing very rapidly, and its development significantly exceeds the pace of development of Russian, and the Eastern European market.

The aircraft of the CR929 project is just going to be put into operation. Its appearance will have to cover the shortage of liners.. meanwhile, Now such giants of the Western aviation industry as Airbus and Boeing are leading in the production of wide-body passenger aircraft. They are the ones who produce such aircraft as the Airbus A330neo., Airbus A350 ONLY, Boeing 787, Boeing 777X. Boeing leads in demand 787, the number of orders for which exceeds the number of orders for aircraft manufactured by Airbus.

According to the Chinese edition of "Guancha", aircraft CR929 is very similar to Boeing in its basic characteristics 787. However, market success is not only due to technical characteristics.: there must be a reason, so that in the PRC itself, as well as in Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space, they preferred to order CR929 by reducing purchases of aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. The situation is exactly the same with the promotion of the C919, a narrow-body passenger aircraft being developed in the Middle Kingdom., competing with Boeing 737 MAX и Airbus A320neo.

Why China cannot do without Russia's help in civil aircraft construction: project CR929
In conditions of competition with the West, China will need to increase cooperation with Russia. Firstly, this is due to the great risk of more and more economic sanctions against China by the United States. Nothing personal, just competition. Especially, considering, that the same Boeing still occupies a key place in the Chinese civil aviation market and the Americans are not at all profitable, to be supplanted by a Chinese corporation. This circumstance gives Washington the ability to manipulate, threatening in any disputable situation with sanctions.

For the same reason, the United States does not allow the transfer of its aviation technologies and developments to the Chinese.. Such a blockade prevents the formation of an independent Chinese aircraft industry, and here interaction with Russia and its rich school of civil aircraft construction comes to the rescue. It is in the Chinese-Russian cooperation that Beijing sees a chance to overcome the country's dependence on the West in the field of civil aviation..

Author:Ilya Polonsky
used photos:United Aircraft Corporation

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