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Consequences of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia: variant of a negative scenario for the Russian military-industrial complex

Consequences of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia: variant of a negative scenario for the Russian military-industrial complex
War continues between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

from the editors:

As with any process, there can be several scripts. In this case, from the loss of some of the interest in Russian weapons on the part of world importers to the acquisition of new opportunities and sales markets by Russia. In this story, the author presents his own opinion about a purely negative scenario for the Russian military-industrial complex.. The material is published in the section “news” for technical reasons.

Main material

Russia theoretically should not suffer in any outcome of this military clash. But there is one moment in this whole story, which can deal such a blow to the interests of the Russian Federation, that the damage will be even greater, rather than if Russia directly fought on one of the sides. I'm not talking about casualties here. I mean our military-industrial complex, more precisely, its products, more precisely, prospects for the export of Russian military hardware and equipment. What it?

Not a secret, that the best advertising of weapons are not exhibitions or forums, and not even war games like Tank Biathlon, where our tanks are consistently the fastest and most accurate. Everyone remembers the conflict over the Falklands, when the hit of the ASM "Exocet" and the sinking of ships by it immediately sharply increased the demand for it all over the world.

The losses of the parties are already calculated only on the basis of open data. Basically, by videos published on the network. And even not a specialist and generally not a military person is completely understandable, on which side is the advantage at the moment. The ratio of losses is multiple in favor of Azerbaijan. In the sense that, what do they have less. Judging by the pictures from the cameras of Azerbaijani UAVs, the destruction of Armenian equipment is similar to shooting the defenseless or shooting at targets in a shooting range.

And here the most important thing for Russia in this war is, what goes, essentially, anti-publicity for our military-industrial complex and the power of our weapons and equipment. Including, the image of the main brands of our export and, in general,, "Defense" – electronic warfare stations, OTRK "Point-U", tanks, helicopters Mi-24, RSZO system, including "Smerch" other armored vehicles and artillery systems.

Consequences of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia: variant of a negative scenario for the Russian military-industrial complex

Generally, everything is theoretically not in favor of the Soviet (Russian) weapons. But the fact, which is often Soviet (Russian) the armament of the Armenian side is destroyed by the Soviet (Russian) arming the Azerbaijani side. And here the question already arises, is everything so bad for the Russian defense industry?

But equipment in Karabakh is also destroyed by foreign-made weapons.. for example, Turkish and Israeli. And this is already a hole in the board of our military industry - our drones, first of all, drums, absent from theater. They just don't exist.

But, as is known, market, like nature, does not tolerate emptiness. And if somewhere disappeared, then somewhere arrived. So it arrived and is arriving from Turkey and Israel. The impression, what both countries decided, already having a serious export potential of its weapons, take a moment to showcase your precision weapons systems and military equipment. For in Syria, they don't want to face us directly, and here on the sly you can.

Here is demonstrated that, what are the S-300 air defense systems worth with insufficiently skillful operation. A strong impression was made by the fact that the Armenian side was using Tochka-U missiles, two of which, at least according to the Azerbaijani side, warheads failed. The value of tanks was shown by footage of their mass destruction by Turkish and Israeli UAVs, loitering ammunition and ATGM "Spike". Old air defense systems such as "OSA AKM" and "Strela-10" are of little interest among buyers, but the owners of these systems can apply for their modernization. AND, I think, not to us. As well as for the modernization of tanks and for new anti-tank missile systems and high-precision artillery.

clear, that the point is also in the operators of certain weapons, in storage conditions, types of disguises and tactics of use, in the novelty of weapons, eventually.

If everything goes according to a negative scenario, then the Russian military-industrial complex will have to restore its reputation, forcing events. On the other hand, you can look at the situation from a different angle: what is happening in Karabakh once again proves, that without the modernization of the defense potential, Today, no self-respecting state in the world can do without buying weapons. And Azerbaijan and Armenia are among those. And here there may already be a new chance for the Russian military-industrial complex.

Author:Sovetkin Sergey

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