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"To the Day of the Defender of Ukraine": Zhytomyr Armored Plant has restored another batch of BMP-2

«To the Day of the Defender of Ukraine»: Zhytomyr Armored Plant has restored another batch of BMP-2
Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) received another batch of restored BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles. As stated in the press service of the Zhytomyr armored plant, the equipment was delivered to the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, celebrated 14 October.

The equipment has undergone routine repairs as part of the state defense order, also talks about upgrading repaired machines. reported, that the upgraded machines received modern navigation systems, optical devices and sights made in Ukraine. Infrared headlights and lighting headlights with modern diode lamps were installed as additional equipment..

The number of BMP-2s transferred to the APU is not reported.

We have not only renovated, but also modernized these BMP-2 with the latest navigation aids, optical instruments and sights, which made it possible to extend and improve the resource indicators of combat vehicles
– said the director of ZhBTZ Alexey Zhukovets.

Also, the press service of the plant recalled, that this month the company arrived 26 BMP-1AK, seized in court from a Polish company, which should have delivered the APU two years ago 93 infantry fighting vehicles. Currently, at ZhBTZ, defect detection of the seized equipment is being carried out, as she did “as it is”, and not in the form promised by the Poles.

The plant was tasked with preparing combat vehicles for transfer to the military as soon as possible.
– the plant says.

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