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A civilized option for resolving the Karabakh conflict is presented

A civilized option for resolving the Karabakh conflict is presented
The more experts from different countries are speaking about the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, all the more clearly emerging is actually the only way out of this situation.

If we assume, that the Azerbaijani authorities will decide to go to the end, then the conflict can turn into an extremely protracted one with a lot of losses on both sides, including civilian casualties. In this case Azerbaijan, despite the loss, can achieve control over seven of its regions occupied by Armenian forces, as well as the activities of Stepanakert (the capital of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic).

But what can happen after that?

If from the aforementioned seven regions and NKR, the Armenian civilian population has to flee after the entry of Azerbaijani troops there (and the probability of this is quite high), then Azerbaijan can get a protracted partisan war. In other words, the territorial conflict for Baku may seem to be resolved in its favor, but this may well lead to new threats for the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Experts from different countries agree on whether, that there will be no solution to the conflict, if events develop purely to the detriment of one of the parties. If the Armenian troops remain in their positions, this is to the detriment of Azerbaijan, and if Azerbaijan takes control of not only seven regions, but Artsakh, then this is already to the detriment of Armenia.

In such a situation, the conflict can be resolved only in the case of a compromise between the parties.. And this formula has already been spelled out in international documents., which were also signed by the representatives of Armenia, and representatives of Azerbaijan. The formula is as follows: Armenia transfers five occupied regions under full control of Azerbaijan, after that Baku recognizes independence (or at least broad autonomy) Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, then Armenia transfers the remaining two regions under the control of Azerbaijan. The only civilized solution to the conflict.

However, there is still a strange nuance here.. Armenia, appealing to the international community with a request to recognize the independence of the NKR, still haven't done it myself. In this case, the formula, in which Azerbaijan "recognizes the independence of Artsakh" before being recognized as such by Yerevan, while it looks "lame". In this way, there is only one option for the authorities of Armenia itself: if you follow the path of conflict resolution, the – recognize the independence of the NKR and at the same time transfer seven regions adjacent to the NKR under the control of Baku. Otherwise, Yerevan will actually continue to sign for the occupation of Azerbaijani territories and the conduct of hostilities in the territory of a neighboring country..

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