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“This is against Turkey, and this is good": Polish readers discuss joint exercises of the Russian Federation and Egypt in the Black Sea

«This is against Turkey, and this is good»: Polish readers discuss joint exercises of the Russian Federation and Egypt in the Black Sea
Soon, for the first time in the history of Russian-Egyptian relations, joint naval exercises of the two countries will be held. They will be attended by the Russian Navy and the Egyptian Navy.

Exercise "Bridge of Friendship - 2020" will be held in the Black Sea, where Egyptian warships will arrive through the Turkish straits of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles. The interaction of the military personnel of the two countries and the use of modern tactics of military operations will be worked out.

Experts from Egypt add, what time, the place and composition of the participants in military exercises are a signal for the states of the region and the international community. celebrated, that the joint Russian-Egyptian exercises are a response to an attempt by "some powers" to destabilize the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean. Under “some powers” Turkey is clearly understood in this context.

A recent three-day conference in Novorossiysk was dedicated to the preparation of joint maneuvers, which was attended by the delegations of the fleets of the two countries.

Upcoming joint exercises between Russia and Egypt are also discussed in Poland. Readers of the Polish edition of Defense 24, which announced the upcoming maneuvers, actively comment on this news.

One of the commenters expressed surprise, that Egypt, longtime US ally, cooperates with Russia in the military sphere:

Always knew, that Egypt is an ally of the United States, and here I am reading, that Russia is practicing joint actions with Egypt! What is happening in the Mediterranean world?
Another expressed a version, that all this is due to Turkey:

Egypt angry with Turkey over Turkish claims to its exclusive economic zones in the eastern Mediterranean. It's the same with Israel, Greece, Cyprus and all others.
Another reader, looks like, satisfied, that the neighboring countries of Turkey are trying to moderate its ambitions:

This is against Turkey, and this is good.

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