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"MiG-29 is perfectly ready for use in the harshest conditions" – Indian pilot on patrol in the Chinese border area

«The MiG-29 is perfectly ready for use in the harshest conditions» - Indian pilot on patrol in the Chinese border area
Indian media released material, which presents an interview with the country's Air Force pilots, Lieutenants Neha Singh and Harparab Singh. The interview was dedicated to, to what extent are the pilots and equipment prepared for the coming winter in Ladakh.

Recall, that Ladakh is a border area, controversial between India and China. A few months ago, clashes between the military of the two countries took place in this high mountain region., that led to, that Beijing and New Delhi began to concentrate new forces and means on the approaches to Ladakh. Despite, that later agreements were reached on the withdrawal of troops and equipment, the parties continue to hold contingents in Ladakh "in case of a possible conflict".

Lieutenant N. Singh said in an interview, that Indian pilots and aircraft are "fully prepared for the harsh winter in Ladakh". It became known, that in recent weeks the Indian Air Force has been conducting aerial patrols near the borders of China, using various helicopters and airplanes for this, including MiG-29 fighters.

Lieutenant H. Singh, fighter pilot MiG-29:

The MiG-29 is perfectly ready for use in the harshest conditions. And we ourselves are ready for any surprises. Our winter rollout is complete.
known, that aviation technology is used to solve problems in Ladakh, which belongs to Hindon Air Base, located in 15 km from the capital of India.

Hindon Air Base Commander:

We immediately deployed our weapons, to cope with any unforeseen circumstances, and provided active support for all deployment and support requirements of the Indian Army. We have clearly demonstrated our determination, operational ability and desire to effectively attack the enemy, if the need arises.
earlier it was reported, that closer to Ladakh, the Chinese Air Force has deployed its latest J-20 fighters, and then there was information about their replacement with the Su-30. In this regard, there were suggestions that, that the J-20 might not be ready to be based at airfields, located in mountainous areas.

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