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ICBM and SLBM "Pukkykson-4A": in Pyongyang showed new ballistic missiles

ICBMs and SLBMs «Pukkykson-4A»: in Pyongyang showed new ballistic missiles
Pyongyang hosts a grand military parade on Saturday evening to mark the 75th anniversary of the Korean Workers' Party, celebrated in the DPRK 10 October. During the event, new military equipment and weapons were shown, including the latest examples of ballistic missiles.

Foreigners were not allowed to the parade, including diplomats, located in the country, all foreigners were strongly discouraged from approaching Pyongyang's central square. However, the DPRK leadership promised to show the recording of the event on television.. Before the parade, the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un traditionally addressed the North Korean people. In total, the event took more than 2 hours.

As noted by the South Korean military, closely following the parade, during an event in Pyongyang, North Korea demonstrated new samples of ballistic missiles and MLRS. The so-called “super large MLRS”, “large-caliber guided MLRS”, as well as a short-range ballistic missile such as “Iskander”, which tests were carried out in 2019-2020 years.

ICBMs and SLBMs «Pukkykson-4A»: in Pyongyang showed new ballistic missiles
The latest intercontinental ballistic missile attracted special attention (MBR), which had no name on board. In terms of its size, it is larger than the known latest ICBM modification. “Hvason-15” and, presumably, has a range, exceeding 13 thousands of kilometers. A new SLBM was also demonstrated. (ballistic missile submarine) “Pukkykson-4A”.

ICBMs and SLBMs «Pukkykson-4A»: in Pyongyang showed new ballistic missiles
The Pentagon has already reacted to the new North Korean missiles and promised “study them thoroughly”.

ICBMs and SLBMs «Pukkykson-4A»: in Pyongyang showed new ballistic missiles
In the column of armored vehicles were shown as samples already on display, and new technology. A new ACS or a wheeled tank based on the modernized BTR-80 drew attention. A kind of howitzer of caliber from 100 to 122 mm, not exactly established. This technique has not been demonstrated before..

According to military experts, already studied the video of the parade, the bulk of the equipment and weapons of the North Korean army are clones or analogs of already released Chinese-made weapons. This mainly applies to the equipment of soldiers, armored vehicles, air defense systems. The DPRK army is gradually getting rid of obsolete Soviet-made samples, replacing them with more modern weapons, created or independently, or with the help of China.

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