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Azerbaijan showed, how the Armenians lost their long-range artillery

Azerbaijan showed, how the Armenians lost their long-range artillery
Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan continues to publish video of destruction of armaments and equipment of the Armenian army with the help of unmanned aircraft. The videos are posted on the official channel of the Azerbaijani military department on YouTube.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reports, that the first two videos show the destruction of military equipment of the Armenian army, which entered into force with 12:00 10 October 2020 ceasefire agreement. The first video shows a drone strike on artillery positions, in the second, the MT-LB with the installed anti-aircraft guns ZU-23 and M-55 of the Armenian Armed Forces gets hit.

Social networks declare, that all equipment and weapons in this video were destroyed using Bayraktar TB2 drones (Flag bearer – tour.), purchased by Azerbaijan from Turkey. The use of kamikaze drones is possible, also massively purchased by Baku and used during the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The third video shows the destruction of heavy armored vehicles of the enemy. Azerbaijani military states, that an entire armored unit of the enemy was destroyed. Where the blows were struck, not reported.

note, that the massive use of unmanned vehicles by the Azerbaijani army to destroy armored vehicles and weapons of the enemy in the absence of air defense, able to bring them down, causes significant damage to the Armenian army. American experts believe, that Azerbaijan did not follow the path of the USA, who use UAVs to deliver pinpoint strikes, and began their massive use, having bought kamikaze drones from Israel, and Turkey has shock drones.

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