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"Turkey could activate the S-400 to track the aircraft of a NATO ally" – Greek press called for clarification of the situation

«Turkey could activate S-400 to track planes of NATO ally» - Greek press called for clarification of the situation
Reports, that Turkey transferred S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to the north of the country - to the Black Sea coast - aroused great interest in Greece.

Greek media discuss statements and footage from Turkey, where it was noted, how the S-400 Triumph air defense systems purchased from Russia are sent through the city of Samsun to the Black Sea training ground to participate in military maneuvers. Recall, that earlier Voennoye Obozreniye published material about the transfer of the S-400 to the Turkish Black Sea coast - to the Sinop region.

Became known, that the Greek press now appeals to the country's authorities to find out the following:

Turkey could activate Russian air defense system to track planes of NATO ally. Is it so?

In this case, Greece itself is understood as a "NATO ally".

Greek media write about, that the S-400 air defense system could be activated in the north of Turkey, to track the F-16 fighters of the Greek Air Force.

Military experts say, that taking into account the distance from Sinop to the western borders of Turkish airspace (minimum 850 km) SAM S-400 could not be used to track the flights of Greek fighter aircraft over the Aegean Sea.

from the statement:

The performance characteristics of Russian air defense systems, at least voiced earlier, do not allow the S-400 to monitor the air situation at such distances.
But Greek reporters and activists are not satisfied with such statements.. They demand from the country's leadership to obtain from Turkey documentary guarantees that, that the S-400 was not used to track the Greek military aircraft.

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