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Day of the surface commander, submarine and airship of the Russian Navy

Day of the surface commander, submarine and airship of the Russian Navy
The ship commander must be competent and qualified. He controls the human team and complex technology, overcoming all difficulties and setting an example for their subordinates. The slightest omission of the commander can lead to disastrous consequences and even death.. A huge responsibility rests on his shoulders, therefore he must be constantly ready to make decisions, responsible for them to the command and the crew.

Commanders of the surface, submarines and air ships of the Russian Navy are celebrated annually 8 October. It was established in 2007 year by the Decree of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. At that time, this position was held by Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky. Since then, our country celebrates the Commander's Day for the 14th time.

For the holiday we chose 8 October, since on this day in 1827 the joint military squadron of Russia, Britain and France won a brilliant victory over the Turkish fleet in the Battle of Navarino. The Russian ship "Azov" especially distinguished itself in the battle, sinking five Ottoman ships and seriously damaging the Turkish flagship. After the battle, for the first time in the history of the Russian fleet, he received the Guards award.

The Azov was commanded by the outstanding Russian naval commander Mikhail Lazarev. by the way, this ship also served the future admirals Nakhimov, Kornilov and Istomin.

It is customary to congratulate the captains of surface ships and submarines on Commander's Day, as well as aircraft commanders, belonging to the Russian Navy. Veterans of the profession also accept congratulations on the holiday. On this day, all servicemen of the Russian Navy congratulate their commanders.

The editorial board of "Military Review" also joins them. We congratulate the commanders of the surface, submarines and air ships, commanders not only by position, but also by vocation. We wish you to carry out your difficult and responsible service with dignity.

used photos:Defense Ministry, Igor Rudenko

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