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25 years of the assassination attempt on General Romanov: the crime has not yet been solved

25 years of the assassination attempt on General Romanov: the crime has not yet been solved
Lifetime monument to General Romanov in Saratov

27 September A.A. Romanov turned 72 of the year.

6 October 1995 of the year, 25 years ago, in Grozny, an attempt was made on the life of the commander of the United Group of Federal Forces in Chechnya, Lieutenant General Anatoly Romanov. On this day, General Romanov was supposed to meet Ruslan Khasbulatov at the Severny airport – former Chairman of the State Duma, Chechen by origin, claiming to be a mediator to resolve the conflict. It was planned to discuss some issues before the upcoming meeting on the same day with one of the leaders of the separatists Aslan Maskhadov. Also – discuss ongoing negotiations with Chechen elders and authorities on the issue of ending the resistance, liberation of settlements and regions of Chechnya from armed militants and peaceful transition under the control of the Russian army.

During the movement of the convoy of cars with the general around the city, at that moment, when the "UAZ" with him entered the tunnel under the bridge in the area of ​​Minutka Square, explosive device detonated. As a result of the explosion, General Romanov was seriously injured. Only that, that he was wearing a bulletproof vest and a helmet, as well as urgently provided first aid helped him stay alive. Later, doctors diagnosed a fracture of the base of the skull, edema of the brain stem, ruptured liver, severe concussion of the left eye, closed chest injury, fracture of both jaws and multiple shrapnel wounds to the face, shins, thigh, hands, shock 2-3 degrees. Assistant commander Colonel Zaslavsky and the driver who were traveling with him died on the spot. Was injured 15 military personnel from escort and 12 civilians from a bus accidentally passing by.

In Moscow, at the Burdenko hospital, doctors managed to eliminate a mortal threat to the life of Romanov. 10 January 1996 he underwent an operation to install a brain stimulator. Since then, General Romanov was being treated first at the hospital named after. Academician N.N.Burdenko, and then was placed in the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Balashikha, near Moscow. There he is to this day and undergoes various types of treatment.. The current state of the general is assessed as stable, although consciousness did not return to him completely.

There are different opinions about, what exactly was blown up. Some experts say, that it was a land mine on the sidelines, others say, that two suspended charges were detonated, and there were four. There are also conspiracy theories, according to one of which the explosives were in the car of the general himself. The explosion power is estimated at thirty kg TNT equivalent..

Versions about the motives and reasons for the attempt, customers and contractors too. Here is the intention of some forces to disrupt the peace process, in which he actively participated, and a conspiracy against him by unknown secret services, his deputy, and the hand of Berezovsky.

But the closest version to the truth, as it appears, - revenge of the Chechen separatists under the command of Aslan Maskhadov. Information passed, that the FSB of Russia for Chechnya, together with a group “Pennant” participants in the assassination attempt on General Romanov Ibragim Ayubov detained, as well as three other suspects. But one thing is clear – it was not an accidental explosion, but there was a carefully prepared and professional action.

Despite the measures taken to search for criminals, search for performers in hot pursuit has not given any results so far, although on the same day criminal case no.. But 9 August 1996 year, the main materials of this criminal case were destroyed when a shell hit the building of the FSB administration in the Chechen Republic and in December of the same year the investigation was suspended “due to failure to identify, accused”. After the signing of the Khasavyurt agreements 1996 the investigation was not conducted due to the prevailing circumstances on the territory of the so-called Ichkeria. And at the end of the second Chechen war, all possible organizers and performers, likely, have already been destroyed.

Sad for a great country, whatever customers, nor organizers, neither the perpetrators of the assassination attempt on General Romanov have been officially identified. And the further we are from this event, the more speculation and conspiracy theories appear. Nevertheless, the duty of the state to complete the investigation of the case.

R.S. According to the story of his wife, during a meeting at the General Staff of representatives of all combat arms, who were supposed to enter Chechnya, General Romanov was the only one present, who stood up and said that the troops were not ready for this operation. Then it could have cost a career. But, apparently, Yeltsin remembered his loyalty during the putsch 1993 of the year, when Kulikov and Romanov did not take his side and the Internal Troops played an important role in his victory over Rutskoy and Khasbulatov. There is a version, which is why he was left in the service, although the warnings were ignored

Author:Sovetkin Sergey

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