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Hypersonic option for nuclear weapons: India tested Shaurya missile

Hypersonic option for nuclear weapons: India tested a rocket «Shaurya»
India 3 October successfully tested the Shaurya medium-range ballistic missile, which is capable of reaching speed in 7,5 Maha.

The launch marks the latest in a string of recent weapons tests amid military tensions with China in the Ladakh sector.
– explains the Hindustan Times.

As stated, Shaurya rocket is able to cover the distance up to 800 km. It develops maximum speed on the final flight path, going hypersound. It is possible to equip the rocket as usual, and nuclear warhead; the weight of the warhead is limited 1000 kg. KR length is 10 m, weight 6,2 tons. It is equipped with many advanced computing systems and highly accurate navigation., efficient propulsion system, complex control and guidance systems.

This kind of demonstration of potential is extremely important., to give a loud signal to another nuclear country […] Our opponents will be even more discouraged from using nuclear weapons
– said the former commander of the Northern Indian Army, Lieutenant General Jaswal.

India positions the hypersonic option for nuclear weapons as a clear increase in its strategic power.

The launch took place three days after, how India tested a surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missile BrahMos, flight range of which increased 290 to 400 km.

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