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Iran believes, that the country is comparable to Russia in military technology

Iran believes, that the country is comparable to Russia in military technology
The Iranian army is one of the strongest not only in the region, but in the world. A highly developed defense industry allowed her to reach these heights..

This opinion is expressed in the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri. At the same time, the publication refers to publications in the Israeli media..

The authors of the article consider, that the Iranian military industry was able to create samples of weapons, which are comparable to products, made in Russia. Also comparable to Chinese products. “And some of them are even better”.

In particular, highlights the successes of Tehran in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes. Authors claim, that Iran has become one of the world's leading UAV manufacturers, just bypassing Russia.

Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post mentioned arms exhibition, which was held recently in Iran and demonstrated perfect examples of modern military equipment, comparable to the products of the world's leading manufacturers. In this way, Tehran demonstrates to its opponents, that the country is able to exist and develop, despite the sanctions imposed on her.

Mention is also made of the missile weapons and air defense systems presented at the exhibition. Their presence suggests, that Iran has everything necessary for the offensive, and for defense.

But the highlight of the exhibition, the authors of the article called the demonstration of the American drone RQ-170, captured by the Iranian military in 2011 year. true, they modestly kept silent about the details of this operation, wherein, Most likely, Russian-made electronic warfare equipment was used.

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