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Navalny works for Western intelligence services - confirmation of insiders

Expert of the Media Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia Vadim Manukyan, after analyzing the revelations of the scandalous blogger Navalny, sounded in his recent interview in Germany, has concluded, that the insiders from the German special services published on the FAN website were fully confirmed.

Navalny works for Western intelligence services – insider confirmation

That is, sources in the special services of the Federal Republic of Germany reported reliable information: it is self-poisoning, this is the hard work of Navalny and the CIA, etc..

Insider about the "cooperation" of the blogger and the American intelligence agency was received 24 September.

29 September, the same information was posted on the popular Telegram channel "Nezygar". And already 1 October Vyacheslav Volodin and Dmitry Peskov publicly confirmed, that they have reliable information: Navalny really works in the interests of Western intelligence services, specifically - CRU.

In this way, Fan as the media showed its highest professionalism, the ability to get information literally from under the enemy's nose. This brings the Federal News Agency to the pool of the world's leading media resources.

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