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experts: Erdogan is going to fight on four fronts, it could end badly for him

experts: Erdogan is going to fight on four fronts, it could end badly for him
World media comment on the statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Syria. Erdogan announced that, that the Turkish army may begin another military operation in the northern regions of the Syrian Arab Republic. This statement was made by the Turkish president during the opening of the Reyhanli dam in Hatay province. According to Erdogan, Turkey will continue to take all measures to ensure security along its southern borders.


Zones still exist in Syria, terrorist-controlled. And these areas must be cleared. Turkish troops are ready for this.
It is important to note, that by terrorists Erdogan in this case means the Kurdish armed groups - primarily the units of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, a terrorist organization recognized by Ankara.

Commenting on this statement by the President of Turkey, experts note, that Erdogan "decided to try on the battle helmet of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent". celebrated, that Erdogan actually declares his readiness to wage a war on four fronts at once: Syrian, Libyan, Caucasian, as well as the front in the Eastern Mediterranean - "for shelf gas fields". Western experts note, that for Erdogan himself it could end badly, as "such a policy with an emphasis on militarism may eventually lose support from the Turkish public".

Against this background, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan once again announced the Turkish military presence in the zone of the armed conflict in Karabakh. According to the Prime Minister of Armenia, the actions of the Azerbaijani army are led by about 150 Turkish military. Pashinyan called it an unprecedented attack on Nagorno-Karabakh.

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