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Russian helicopters will be able to use kamikaze drones

Russian helicopters will be able to use kamikaze drones
New Russian helicopter Mi-28NM will be able to launch mini-drones and kamikaze drones. For this, a modular cluster unit of unguided aircraft missiles will be used. (THEIR), developed by scientific and technical center “Shelter”, Tass according to the source in DIC.

The new modular block B8V10-UV allows not only adapting the number of missile guides for each task, but also to program weapons.

Built-in hardware transmits information from the helicopter's weapons control system to the payload, whether it be guided detonation missiles, guided missiles, mini drones or kamikaze drones. Through it you can, eg, power up the battery in the drone, send a command to turn on, run it, and he will fly further to carry out his program
– It leads the agency source as saying.

It is emphasized, what was originally developed for the Mi-28NM, the NAR unit can be used on all Russian helicopters with a weapon control system.

The B8V10-UV gun block with modular cassettes was developed as part of work on the upgraded Mi-28NM helicopter. Caliber – 80 mm, the number of guides depending on the modular cassette can be 10, 15, 20 or 25.

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