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"Dependence on other states is growing": in Sweden named the reasons, preventing Russia from becoming a superpower

«Dependence on other states is growing»: in Sweden named the reasons, preventing Russia from becoming a superpower
Russia stands for a multipolar world and wants to become a superpower. What prevents this country from becoming a superpower told several Swedish experts in the publication Svenska Dagbladet.

Russia is trying to weaken the United States, to become a superpower and spread its influence to nearby countries, Swedish experts believe. Russia today – a powerful military power with a large arsenal of nuclear weapons and a strong conventional army. Russian President Putin has big goals in the global power struggle, in his convictions Russia should be completely sovereign, participate in the adoption of important international decisions and disregard the models of action imposed on it.

Russia's aspirations are clear. Putin is talking about this almost 20 years, Expressing, that Russia has the right to superpower status and its own sphere of interests in nearby regions. It is against this background that the country's military participation in the Syrian conflict should be viewed. There Russia has achieved such success., that it will be simply impossible to settle the conflict without Russians at the negotiating table
– states Gudrun Persson, Russia Expert from the Institute for Defense Studies.

But, on the way to the status of a superpower, many “pitfalls”, experts from Sweden say. If, militarily, Russia is already a superpower, then in many important areas, such as economics and technology, Russia lags behind. These areas also include research and progress.. According to experts, if Russia continues to lag behind in these areas, then it will complicate the path to superpower status.

The prosperity gap between Russia and developed countries will only grow in the coming years. Russia is becoming more and more dependent on the development of other states. The problem is, that she has to choose between Chinese and Western technologies, but she will never have her own
– newspaper writes.

Another problem for Putin and Russia is Belarus with its “rebellious people”. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets of Minsk, demanding Lukashenka's resignation. And if they get it, then there will be a threat to Putin.

Swedish experts also paid attention to Navalny's poisoning, which in their view, became another “Putin's headache”. After the attempt to poison the oppositionist, many countries criticized Russia, threatening to impose further sanctions. In turn, the sanctions – this is another obstacle to obtaining new technologies and further development of the country.

Besides, Russia’s path to superpower status could be hindered by Putin’s regularly falling rating. The Russian president is no longer popular with the people, like a few years ago. The thing is, that today there is simply no one to replace Putin in Russia, and his departure from the political scene could greatly weaken Russia's position in the world.

Summing up, experts say, that despite the outcome of the US elections, where can you win “anti-russian infused” Biden, Moscow will continue to pursue its security goals, defending the position of a multipolar world and solving internal problems. Russia will try to become another pole in the world, while weakening the United States.

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