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Disrupted attacks and defeated defenses: the third day of fighting in Karabakh on the video of the parties to the conflict

Disrupted attacks and defeated defenses: the third day of fighting in Karabakh on the video of the parties to the conflict
Active hostilities continue on the Karabakh front. Both sides of the conflict faced powerful opposition, complicating both the development of the offensive by Azerbaijani troops, and the organization of defense by the Armenian military.

Armenian side declares strikes against enemy bases and armored vehicles. The second video demonstrates the "destruction of the entire unit" of the armored forces of Azerbaijan, occupied one of the settlements.

According to the Armenian side, successful work is underway on the rear of the enemy, which allows you to "chop off" the supply chain of his troops. In particular, showing footage of the destruction of a convoy with ammunition.

Armenian armored vehicles continue to suffer losses. Air strikes are mainly demonstrated, where Azerbaijani attack drones are constantly patrolling. Air controls capture the destruction of individual Armenian vehicles.

Judging by the staff, the offensive of Azerbaijani troops is facing strong enemy opposition. One of the videos shows a foiled infantry attack. allegedly, when trying to take one of the positions "the enemy fled with losses".

Several materials indicate the successful implementation of a number of attacks.. One of the videos shows the Armenian military entrenched in a trench, which are intensively fired at. Since the shooting was at the disposal of the Azerbaijani resource, they, apparently, killing.

Battles are fought around the clock, unabated at night. Artillery intensively supports the offensive: self-propelled and towed guns, RSZO.

Some observers were confused by the use of mortars by the Armenian military, since with such operation, the rate of fire is significantly reduced.

Azerbaijani military actively use drones - "kamikaze". One of them was aimed at Armenian soldiers, who, upon his approach, tried to hide in the dugout. Part of the UAV can be intercepted: antiaircraft weapons destroyed the Orbiter-1K loitering ammunition. The equipment and the procedure for its placement on board the car indicate that, that the fire was fired from the Osa-AKM air defense system.

As stated, suffers losses and aviation of both sides. Armenian resources show footage of the defeat of an Azerbaijani aircraft. There is a lack of clarity in the situation with the downed Armenian Su-25 attack aircraft. Turkey and Azerbaijan categorically deny the involvement of F-16 fighters.

MANPADS are actively used, successful drone shooting is shown.

However, in general, the Armenian air defense, apparently, copes with the tasks assigned to her. So, in one of the videos, soldiers are forced to fire at an aerial target from small arms.

Spontaneous mobilization unfolded among Armenians. Traffic jam shots are shown, formed on the way to Artsakh. Apparently, the country's government seeks to give impetus to this movement. So, allegedly, that the sons of Armenian ministers go to the front as volunteers. Georgian authorities closed border with Armenia, in connection with which local Armenians blocked roads, leading from Turkey.

Armenian leadership is trying to enlist foreign policy support. Regular telephone conversations were held with the Head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Apparently, Iran took a pro-Armenian position. Turkish media announces the transfer of arms to Yerevan. The footage demonstrates the transfer of troops by Tehran to the border with Azerbaijan, who are able to draw off some of the forces, necessary for the development of the offensive in Karabakh.

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