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IL-112V aircraft will reduce weight after removing "extra parts"

IL-112V aircraft will reduce weight after removal «unnecessary details»
Removal of “minor structural elements” will help the Il-112V light military transport turboprop aircraft to reduce weight. The military customer considers, that it turned out to be too heavy.

Writes about this edition "Army Standard".

Removal of minor metal elements will help to "lose weight" the aircraft, which can be easily dispensed with without compromising the strength of its structure. It was decided to remove the metal covers, which cover the motor unit, and niche fairings, where is the landing gear of the aircraft. Unlike the fuselage and wings, these elements do not affect the strength of the aircraft.

Over the twenty years of the project's existence, work on the aircraft was stopped several times.. According to the Russian military, Ukrainian An-140 was more successful. Therefore, they even began to establish the production of these aircraft at an aircraft plant in Samara.. But after the curtailment of military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Kiev in 2014 year had to abandon this venture and return to the stopped Il-112V project.

This aircraft is designed for 44 passenger or 5 tons of cargo. After commissioning, it will replace the An-24 and An-26, who have to go to rest, but which continue to remain in service, since there is still no worthy replacement.

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