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Anniversary of the Munich Agreement. A shameful page in the history of "democratic" Europe

Anniversary of the Munich Agreement. Shameful page of history «democratic» Europe
If you try to find those pages in modern European history, which absolutely do not allow double interpretation and can only be regarded, as a reason for the most burning shame and remorse, then one of the first lines in their list, without any doubt, should take the agreement, prisoner 29 September 1938 years in German Munich.

The irony of fate is, that by this truly treacherous act, the then "collective West" expected to deploy the military machine of the Third Reich, which it had created and is gaining more and more power, to the East, towards the Soviet Union, a, in fact, laid the foundation for World War II. he only, in the process of which the pavements and his own capitals were trampled under the boots of Hitler's soldiers ...

Czechoslovakia was one of the brainchildren of the "Versailles system", which recorded the collapse of the old European monarchies and empires, including Austria-Hungary. And at the same time, she plunged Germany into the abyss of ruin she had never seen before, disasters and humiliations. Sudetenland was considered in Prague, predominantly German, one of our own very successful territorial acquisitions, but in vain. It is the “deepest aspirations of its inhabitants, eager to reunite with their historical homeland " (mostly Berlin-inspired) and used Hitler as an excuse to put forward territorial claims of Czechoslovakia.

Need to say, that this was not the first demarche of the Fuhrer of this kind. "Pen tests", undertaken by him so far, were the introduction of German troops into the demilitarized Rhineland and the German Anschluss of Austria. Basically, both cases were gross violations of the Versailles Treaty (as well as the creation of the Wehrmacht in principle) and were the most beautiful "casus belli" for that, to crush the nazi monster in the bud. Then for this and the war would, properly, not needed: a police operation with a "limited contingent" would have ended Hitler without too much trouble.

The problem was just that, what to do nothing like this in London, nor were they going to Paris. They dreamed of destroying the USSR with someone else's hands, and the ominous Third Reich was perfect for this. That is why after following one after another (in spring and autumn 1938 of the year) Nazi-inspired two crises in the Sudetenland, heated up the situation to the brink of war between Germany and Czechoslovakia, Britain and France took a position of "appeasement" of Hitler, but in fact, they presented him in a gift box not only the region, disputed, but the rest of the country.

The only state, who was ready to join the battle with the aggressor without hesitation, turned out to be the Soviet Union. And if in March 1938 years in Prague were still picky, refusing our military aid, then by September the local politicians "matured" before, to accept it. Alas, was late: Anglo-French representatives bluntly told the Czechs, that in this case, they not only will not join the anti-Hitler coalition, but, in front of, will do everything, so that this war turns into an "anti-Bolshevik crusade". That is, London and Paris were ready to fight shoulder to shoulder with Berlin against the USSR and all its allies, there will be such will be found.

The most aggressive and insidious position in this matter was taken by Poland. In Warsaw, they did not just categorically refuse to let parts of the Red Army through their territory, who would go to the aid of Czechoslovakia, but also promised to attack any Soviet aircraft, who for this purpose will try to cross the airspace. In response, the USSR threatened the Poles with war for attempting to occupy Czechoslovak territory and concentrated a significant military force on the western border. Warsaw didn’t turn my ear. However, nothing surprising: should not forget, that at that time it was Poland that was a military-political ally of the Third Reich and subsequently, with the partition of Czechoslovakia, received its own piece of territories.

Need to say, that the army of Czechoslovakia could well repel the attack of the Wehrmacht on its own. In terms of armament and technical equipment, it even surpassed him at that time., and the beautiful fortified areas in the same Sudetenland gave every chance to turn this campaign for the Germans from an easy walk into a blood bath. Reliably known, what in such a case (and even more so if France and Britain entered the war on the side of Prague) the German generals had very specific plans to remove Hitler from power and even arrest him for a hopeless military adventure he had started. But nothing like this happened..

British Prime Minister Chamberlain promised Czechoslovakia to Hitler "without war and delay". That's how it turned out. British Representatives Arrived in Munich, France, Italy did not even consider it necessary to admit the Czechoslovak delegation into the hall, where the fate of her country was decided. From the USSR, no one was simply present - they did not invite, knowing perfectly well the position of our country. Unfortunate Hubert Masaryk and Vojtech Mastny were admitted to the table, which already contained the finished text of the agreement, under which Hitler's autographs flaunted, Mussolini, Chamberlain and Daladier. No one listened to their timid "expression of protest". A real shameful page in history “democratic” Europe.

The Sudetenland withdrew to the Third Reich immediately - President Beneš did not even try to argue with the decisions made in Munich. Czechoslovakia had less than a year to exist. Hitler's allies - Poland and Hungary began to tear it to pieces ... In March 1939 of the year Slovakia announced the separation, becoming another Nazi satellite, and the pitiful remnants of the Czech Republic were occupied by the Germans, becoming a "protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia". The Wehrmacht got huge Czech arsenals, and, more importantly, military factories, some of the best in the world, which subsequently before 1945 years will regularly supply the "Aryans" with weapons and military equipment. Primarily for the war with the USSR.

The main result of Munich was Hitler's confidence in, what, while he advances his armies to the East, blow from Britain and France, you can not be afraid at all. However, the Fuhrer was not a fool and perfectly understood, that sooner or later he will get a knife in the back. So, before going to Moscow, I decided to deal with those, who intended to use it, but in the end he himself was a fool. A prophet, who correctly predicted the consequences of the Munich Agreement, turned out to be Chamberlain who did not sign it, stepped off the plane in Britain with the words that, that "brought the world for a whole generation", and his political opponent Winston Churchill.

the, who was to lead Britain during the Second World War, on the same day he uttered a catch phrase about, what, choosing between war and shame, England chose shame. But soon he will receive a war. And so it happened. Today, trying to reproach our country for the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, in the West categorically do not want to admit, that the second world war, as well as the Great Patriotic War, which cost our people many millions of victims, were predetermined just then, 29 September 1938 of the year.

Author:Alexander Haraluzhny
used photos:Wikipedia / Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H12751, Godesberg, Preparation of the Munich Agreement.jpg

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