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General death, insolvency of the air defense missile system "Osa" and other points: the second day of fighting in Karabakh in the summaries of the sides

General death, failure of the air defense system «wasp» and other moments: the second day of fighting in Karabakh in the summaries of the sides
The active phase of the conflict in Karabakh continues. According to the summaries, coming from both sides of the confrontation, Armenian and Azerbaijani troops mutually suffer heavy losses during fierce battles. However, earlier manipulations with statistics were noted more than once., in connection with which it would be more correct to rely on evidence, coming from Yerevan and Baku. Below are the video clips, characterizing the second day of battles.

Materials presented by the Armenian side demonstrate the defeat of enemy armored vehicles. Azerbaijani tanks caught in the shot, BMP and motor transport.

Azerbaijan's controls demonstrate the destruction of Armenian MBT T-72. The death of representatives of the enemy's command staff - the head of the intelligence directorate of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Major General Arakel Martikyan is declared, Colonel Nikolay Haykyan, Airborne Assault Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Lernik Vardanyan. Loss of control over a number of territories recognized in Karabakh.

The sides make heavy use of artillery. According to the posted materials, Azerbaijanis actively use self-propelled systems (eg, ACS "Pion") unlike the Armenian troops, that demonstrate the work of towed guns (such as howitzers D-30).

Rocket launchers are used, including TOS-1A "Solntsepek", a large batch of which was previously supplied to Baku. According to Azeri Defense, Armenians use Serbian G-2000 missiles from Grad launchers.

General death, failure of the air defense system «wasp» and other moments: the second day of fighting in Karabakh in the summaries of the sides

Judging by the staff, Armenian air defense fails to cope with threats. Her main caliber, anti-aircraft missile systems "Osa-AKM", according to many observers, demonstrates failure in the fight against attack drones. A similar situation was in Idlib, during the offensive of Turkish troops. At the same time, these air defense systems are one of the main military "anti-aircraft guns" in the Russian army. It was reported about a number of modernizations carried out in the Russian Federation "Wasp", however, there is no information about the serial receipt of improved versions of the troops.

On both sides there are heavy losses in enemy manpower.

The possibility of further escalation of the confrontation is evidenced by a number of statements. Against the background of the loss of control over a number of territories, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated the need to retaliate. To a certain extent, Ankara acts as a deterrent, however, Yerevan is ready to fend off this threat too. So, the Armenian ambassador to the Russian Federation pointed out the intention of Yerevan to use the Iskander-M OTRK in the event that Turkish F-16 fighters are involved in the conflict. Apparently, we are talking about striking with operational-tactical missiles against strategic targets, located in Turkey.

Against the background of the development of the active phase of the conflict in both republics, mobilization is underway. Armenian resources declare that, that Georgian border guards do not allow volunteers to cross the border, who intend to take part in the conflict.

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