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Bangladesh army unhappy with Chinese tanks with Ukrainian engines

Bangladesh army unhappy with Chinese tanks with Ukrainian engines
Army of Bangladesh, which purchased the Chinese main tanks VT-1A, unhappy with the purchase. The main claims are made to the engine of tanks – Ukrainian 6TD-2.

Bangladesh bought 44 Chinese tank with installed 6TD-2 engine. reportedly, during the operation of the tanks there were problems with the Ukrainian engines, and obtaining high-quality spare parts for repairs is impossible due to the ban, imposed by Ukraine on China's re-export of 6TD-2 engines and spare parts for them.

The thing is, that when the Chinese brought the VT-1A tank to the world market, they chose the Ukrainian engine, since they were equipped with Pakistani Al-Khalid tanks, which are essentially, all the same VT-1A, produced in Pakistan under a Chinese license with minor upgrades. I.e, the 6TD-2 unit was tested.

Chinese tank predicted a good future in the export market, China managed to sign contracts for its supply to Bangladesh, in Morocco and was going to supply a batch of tanks in Peru. However, in this country, the interests of China and Ukraine crossed., who tried to sell her “stronghold”. Chinese tank won the tender, in response, Kiev has banned the re-export of its 6TD-2 engines.

Concerning, the supply of spare parts for these engines also stopped. Currently, Chinese specialists are developing their own engine to replace the Ukrainian one., which will be installed on export vehicles.


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